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October 24th, 2018 at 5:30 pm  

What Problem Does That SQL Server Feature Solve?

“I heard about this new feature, and I think it sounds great. I want to use it in my database.” Have you heard – or said – those words? You’re not alone. Too often, we dive into using a new feature without exploring what business or technical problem it will solve, then run into problems once we’re using it. In this session, I cover what problems can be solved using the major performance features of SQL Server – columnstore, in-memory OLTP, partitioning, Resource Governor, and more.

About the Speaker:

Jes Borland is a Premier Field Engineer - SQL Server for Microsoft, where she is a trusted technical adviser, deep technical support, and teacher for her customers. Her experience as a DBA, consultant, and 5-time Data Platform MVP allow her to help the business and the IT teams reach their goals. She has worked with SQL Server as a developer, report writer, DBA, and consultant. Her favorite topics are administration, automation, and performance. She is a former President of FoxPASS, founder of Tech on Tap, and a LessThanDot.com blogger. She frequently presents at user groups, SQL Saturdays, and other community events. She is also an avid runner and chef.

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