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Thursday Mar16, 2017 EDMPASS - Top 5 SQL Server mistakes with Kathi Kellenberger

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SQL Server is a popular and powerful relational database system. It's easy to install with just a few clicks. Create a database, and you are in business. It will run great without much attention...until it doesn't. It's true that your shop may not have enough SQL Server instances to require a full time DBA, but SQL Server still needs some love and attention to perform its best. Attend this session to learn about knobs that need turning and more to get the most out of SQL Server.

Kathi's bio:

I am an independent SQL Server consultant and Teammate at Linchpin People. I can help your company get the best performance from SQL Server!

I spent about 5 years as a developer doing everything from Word Perfect macros to Palm Pilot development in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. In 2002, I became the database administrator for an international law firm headquartered in St. Louis while also working on a Masters in CIS from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. After graduating in 2004, I decided to start writing, presenting, and teaching.

Focusing on SQL Server and databases after spending time as a developer proved to be very advantageous for me. I love exploring data and really getting to know it. That is great for my customers who often tell me they were surprised at how quickly I understood their data. One of my favorite aspects of working with data is integration. I love automating data integration and using tools such as scripting and SSIS to move and transform data.

I also have years of experience with SSRS. I have created hundreds of reports with advanced features such as SSAS data sources, sub-reports, drill-through, and more.

If you are looking for someone to not only do the work, but also to advise and mentor your staff along the way, please contact me by filling out the Contact form or contacting Linchpin People.


  • Interested in speaking? We are always looking for new speakers. Don't have a full presentation? Consider a "SQL lightning talk" 10-20 minutes on whatever you like. (ideally SQL, data or professional development related). contact brent.flesher@gmail.com


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